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Purium 1500mg Full Spectrum


1500mg of hemp-derived cannabidiol, Safe & Effective, C02 extraction method

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Green Remedy 500mg


CO2 extracted, full spectrum CBD. 1 ounce bottles, with fractionalized coconut oil as a carrier. A serving is 1 ml or one 3/4 full dropper. 30 servings per bottle. Contains trace amounts of THC, well below legal limits.  A 1 ml serving provides 16-17mg of CBD.

CBD Honey


Kentucky grown and extracted hemp combined with LOCAL honey. Each 5.5 oz jar contains 500mg of full spectrum Hemp (CBD) extract! It packs a punch and so tasty.  10.41mg of CBD per 1/2 teaspoon.

Kentucky Gold 100mg Gummies


CBD Bears- Contains 10 bears/10mg each

CBD Sourworms- Contains 10 worms/10mg 

CBD Rings- 5 rings/20mg each

CBDEZE Lollipops


25mg Lollipops available in Blood Orange, Watermelon, and Peach Mango

50mg Lollipops available in Caramel Apple and Wile Berry

Extract Wellness 250mg Pet CBD


All natural, human grade CBD for your pets. A 1 ml serving provides 4.16mg of CBD. Great for small to medium dogs and cats.

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CBD Daily dosing

Up to 150lbs

Health Maintenance: 12mg

Moderate: 15-25mg

Severe: 25-50+mg


Health Maintenance: 20mg

Moderate: 20-30mg

Severe: 30-60+mg

240+ lbs

Health Maintenance: 25mg

Moderate: 25-35mg

Severe: 35-70+mg

Small Dog (under 20lbs)

2mg-5mg daily

Medium Dog (up to 35lbs)

5-10mg daily

Large & XL Dog (35+lbs)

10-30mg daily

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